Selezione dei prosciutti migliori

Only the hind legs that pass the strict assessment and selection of our skilful cold cuts experts become Zuarina Parma Hams.
The company breeds its own pigs in Italy and therefore follows the entire supply and production chain. It selects only the heaviest pigs and only the best hind legs suitable for curing.

Salatura dei prosciutti

Only the minimum necessary is used: a pinch of salt and plenty of time is all that is required to obtain the quality and fragrance of Zuarina Parma Ham.
Salt is the only ingredient that we add to our highly selected raw material; there are no preservatives or additives, that could alter the flavour and fragrance of our dry cured hams. The automated handling system and computerised temperature control follow our hams in their slow evolution, ensuring constant quality over time.

Sugnatura dei prosciutti

To ensure the softness and the typical pink colour of our hams we protect them with a thin layer of lard, which the skilful hands of our experts apply three times on each piece during the curing time.

La fase della stagionatura

The underground cellar gently preserves the humidity and fragrance.
Our ham remains in the cellar for at least 18 months and even up to 24 months, because only the slow curing in the cellars makes the fragrance and sweetness of the ham worthy of the Zuarina name.

Marchiatura del prosciutto

The guarantee seal is the frame to our masterpiece; many of our customers already recognise the K55 consortium initials combined with the classic crown of the Parma Consortium, with which each ham we produce is branded. In this way each ham is guaranteed and unmistakable.

Disossatura del prosciutto

In order to maintain unchanged the characteristics of the Zuarina products, the company is equipped with a modern deboning area in order to produce practical boneless formats according to the highest quality standards. Great attention is paid to the preparation of the hams and this also includes the tying by hand of each piece. Details make the difference to our boneless hams.

Impianto di affettamento

In line with the latest consumer needs in terms of service, Zuarina is equipped with a modern in-house slicing system. The quality and flavour of our hams is preserved while guaranteeing a practical sliced format produced according to food safety standards.


Each Zuarina ham is manually labelled by experienced workers that check each piece before placing it on the market.