A myth called Zuarina… the company is named after the company founder’s wife. This was a particular name for a girl born in 1873; a unique, distinguishing and important name full of history, just like the ham that still today bears that name...a ham not easy to forget.

Everything started about 150 years ago in Langhirano, which soon became the land of ham and ham lovers’ destination, synonymous with the best Parma ham, oft and delicate, of a proverbial quality and with an unmistakable taste.

Zuarina ham is still produced according to ancient rules: first of all the raw material is carefully selected, then the salting process is carried out, followed by a perfect curing process. Simple yet effective rules that have ensured the success of the product all over the world: from the United States to Japan, from China to Russia.
In the early twentieth century the fifth division of the Italian army entered Libya and conquered the city of Zuara.

The Italian soldiers’ wives used to call their children Zuaro and Zuarina, and this is how the founder’s wife, Zuarina Ugolotti, got her name. While the Italian soldiers fought in Africa, the “warriors” of the company Ferrari Domenico, which shortly after would have changed its name into Zuarina, salted the first hams in our cellars. The first postcards from Zuara contained words full of nostalgia; until that moment homesickness was unknown to the locals who had remained in Italy. The answer of the norcini (people in charge of slaughtering and processing the pigs) of the company “Ferrari Domenico”, ”, was immediate.

The company van was filled with pride and hams. The van had solid rubber wheels and was not afraid of the sand covered roads; it stopped only after 10,000 km when it reached Addis Abeba, where the Italian soldiers enjoyed the sweet taste of home. Everything about the Zuarina brand is history, like the old wooden boxes that were used to store the first brands of the most famous ham and salami producers in Italy. Zuarina is in good hands… yours.
Technology and Innovation: the production plant is one of the most state-of-the-art structures in the area of Langhirano. Here technology and tradition blend, so that they produce that unique sweet and delicate flavour…

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