Produced in Langhirano, Parma since 1860

In the hills of Langhirano, in the heart of the food valley, expert hands guard the ancient secret of the slow curing process of Zuarina ham.


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A timeless product

Ancient rules: selected meat, hand salting and slow curing in the underground cellars for a product with a unique delicate taste.
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The story

Zuarina: a story that began long ago. Our name is connected to the founder’s wife, according to a tradition that was born over a century ago in Langhirano, Parma.
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The world: why not?

We often think how lucky our ham is: it has visited London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and has travelled through Japan, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong
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Organic Zuarina

We have always paid close attention to our customers’ needs, but also the world around us. The range of Zuarina organic products is a treat for the mind and palate.
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